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The Ultimate Guide to Android Tablet (True PDF)
The Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets
English | 115 Pages | True PDF | 36 Mb
Beginning Android Tablet Programming

Beginning Android Tablet Programming by Robbie Matthews
English | ISBN: 143023783X | November 2, 2011 | PDF | 292 pages | 4,4 MB

Beginning Android Tablet Programming starts off by showing how to get your system ready for Android tablet programming. You won't need any previous Android experience, because you'll learn all about the basic structure of an Android program and how the Android operating system works-and then you'll learn how to write your first Android tablet application from scratch!
[ANDROID] SkyGO per Tablet Root/Unroot
SkyGO per Tablet Root/Unroot
Software | Android | ITA | .apk | 20 Mb

SkyGO per Tablet con root e senza root.
The Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets 2014
The Ultimate Guide to Android Tablets 2014
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 21.50 Mb

Android tablets are hugely flexible, expandable via apps вЂ" we review more than 60 вЂ" and even extra hardware. So we've made sure this guide includes all the information you need, illustrated with clear screenshots and step-by-step walkthroughs to help you get the most out of your tablet. With tips, in-depth guides and reviews to help you discover the world of Android tablets, we show you how to set up your tablet from scratch, introduce key features and learn about Google's latest tablet software: Android 4.3, also known as Jelly Bean. Whether you're thinking of buying, have already bought an Android tablet or are simply curious to know more, this is the guide for you.
[ANDROID] Tapatalk Pro 4.4.4
Tapatalk Pro 4.4.4
Tapatalk Inc. | January 16, 2014 | Social | Android | .apk | 10.5 Mb
Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming (Repost)
Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming - Jeremy Kerfs
2011 | ISBN: 1430238526 | PDF | 196 pages | 4.6 Mb

Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming shows how to quickly and easily set up an Android development environment - in no time at all, you'll be programming away. You'll begin with some simple games using sprites and choreographed movement. Next, you'll learn how to handle user input in the modern age of touch screens and motion. Along the way, you'll discover how to use that extra screen space on a tablet to provide more relaxed and more interesting user interactions in your games. You'll learn how to use sound and music, for instance, to make your application menus more user-friendly.

Sygic GPS Navigation v14.3.2 Final + Europe 2014.06 Maps [Android]
Sygic GPS Navigation v14.3.2 Final + Europe 2014.06 Maps [Android] | 4.51 GB

GPS Navigation and maps from Sygic is usually installed navigation application offline in the world, which is based on the TomTom maps. Thanks to the GPS navigation applications and maps from Sygic get FOREVER FREE: TomTom maps, determination of useful points of interest (POI), the functions of route planning and map updates. High-quality maps from TomTom and other vendors are stored on the SD card, phone or tablet Android. You can use them without an Internet connection.
Top Paid Android Games Pack - 26 December 2013

Top Paid Android Games Pack - 26 December 2013 | 947 MB
Genre: Games / Platform: Android
17-12-2013, 09:04 #9
Oneclick Root 1.0
Oneclick Root 1.0 | 19.8 Mb

One Click Root is the worlds leading Android rooting software. With just a single click, you can root your Android smartphone or tablet and have access to hundreds of new and exciting features. Rooting an Android on your own can be risky. It requires quite a bit of technical knowledge, and you risk turning your Android smartphone into a useless brick. At One Click Root, we have developed a software solution that can quickly and safely root all popular Android smartphones and tablets.
Android - Only Paid - 0 Day (26-03-2014)

Android - Only Paid - 0 Day (26-03-2014) | 285 Mb
Genre: Games | Apps | Platform: Android


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